GEM Fingerprint Scanner Lock Box / Pistol Safe - Biometric Security


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Biometric Security - Fast and Secure

• Biometric lock is easily programmed by scanning the unique lines of your fingerprint.

• More convenient and secure than keyed locks.

• Fast and secure access for opening in seconds.

• Increased Control with up to 10 fingerprints for multiple person access.

• Unable to Duplicate - Unlike a key, a fingerprint cannot be lost, stolen, or taken to a locksmith for duplication.

• Biometric locks detect whether a thumbprint is a match without having to send information to an external source.

• Using special silicone sensors, these locks will reject anything that doesn’t resemble the characteristics of a human finger.

High strength steel case

Lined with protective foam to prevent damage to your valuables and rattling

Includes high strength security cable to be attached to vehicle

Includes back-up key

Can be secured in glove box, under seat, in center console etc.

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